Ph.D. studentships in “Conformational transitions in macromolecular interactions”

Ph.D. studentships available
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Bereich Biochemie/Biologie/Biophysik
A number of Ph.D. studentships will be available from July 1st 2009
within the 2005 established DFG Graduate College 1026 “Conformational
transitions in macromolecular interactions” (www.biochemtech.
uni-halle.de/grk1026) as well as the recently established BMBF
‘Zentrum für Innovationskompetenz’ HALOmem (www.halomem.de).
The aim of the interdisciplinary GRK is to study the causes and effects
of protein folding transitions on biological macromolecular complex formation
in a collaborative environment, using a wide variety of biophysical,
biochemical and cell biological approaches. HALOmem
focuses on the structure and dynamics of integral membrane proteins
and their membranes.
Successful candidates should be highly motivated, of above average
ability and good team workers. They should hold a degree in Biochemistry,
Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy or Physics, and have a keen
interest in acquiring the broad range of available techniques necessary
to tackle the experimental problems and questions involved.
For more details contact the coordinator of the GRK 1026:
Applications to be made by May 15th 2009 should be sent by E-mail
(incl. PDF of CV and diploma testimony) to the above E-mail address.
GRK 1026
Institut für Biochemie und Biotechnologie
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Kurt-Mothes-Str. 3
06120 Halle (Saale)
Speaker: Prof. Milton T. Stubbs
Coordinator: Mechtild Wahle
Tel:++49/(0)345/5524809, Fax:++49/(0)345/5527360
Web: http://www.biochemtech.uni-halle.de/grk1026/

Link: http://www.laborjournal.de/rubric/markt/gesetzt/S_09_04_a20.pdf