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How to make money with Amazon to earn $ 2000 per month.

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How to make money with Amazon to earn $ 2000 per month.

Amazon, which many people do not look that easy. But, in fact. It's not as easy as you think. Many people do not buy it for several months, it has. Due in part to lack of knowledge of online marketing. I think there are products available for sale or have a website then they will sell it.

In fact, Amazon has been a co-product in the form of millions of people around the world and Associates has increased each day. What is the Amazon has increased sales in each month. For product sales we are still not very happy. Because of the increased competition in each day. We sell made more difficult because of the highly competitive market. The online market is the key to sales.

Choice for people who want to promote your products with Amazon, so there are a few ways. For example.
1. Advertising through Google Adwords advertising, which is good for people with a fast and effective sales techniques. But I have a high cost and risk of loss for those who lack only a little better in the ad.
2. Labeling Banner ads on various sites overseas. They are very expensive and requires continuous advertising every month.
3. Marketing SEO in order to find the specific The keyword for the products listed above competitors in the search page.

Now we have two techniques for marketing in the third is to do with SEO.
Of course, I was the one to do with SEO can see my rising up in 1 to 3 months of each other.
The monthly commissions. Since cook until the third month with SEO techniques and other techniques combined.

In recent months I have earned from the sale of the product to the Amazon up to $ 2044 was approximately 65,000 Thai Baht
I do not technically difficult. Tips to succeed with only three things you can do to be successful, not that hard.
If not, they gradually accumulate and so on.

Tip 1. We have to look at Amazon's site for product reliability. More importantly, do not copy all the contents in the Amazon, but we find it to have access to Google deindex.

Tip 2. Write an article to refer to the products you want to sell. And then to Submit Articles to the web in many different countries.

Tip 3. Deposit, including creating links with the Profile link, although this approach will not work today. If you use a lot of quality into the Profile link allows you to make goals as well.

Tip 4. And this is important is to find a Network Link to it such as adding Web links to all of It helps boost to your website as well. We suggest a few tricks for selling on Amazon as a link for sale. Use the drill. Is to sell products that we sell. Time, add a link to add a link for the products separately. Would be better to promote the face of all that there is always too dry.

And there are also other techniques that we have not been presented. And will be presented in the future. Please read it.

Amazon Sales Marketing With SEO requires time. But it is a channel to market with less capital compared with other methods, and if you can put it to use it to sell on Amazon as a result, you can also be applied to. Sell ​​your own products as well.

Hepatitis. Silent killer in you.

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Hepatitis. Silent killer in you.

I know that on 28 July was a "disease" world's first in the world.

The World Health Organization passed a resolution at a meeting on May 2533, the day on 28 July.

Every year, World Hepatitis Day. Just as with heart disease. Or smoking. Has continued every year.

To illustrate the importance of "liver", which is the only organ in the body as well as the "heart" that one, too.

In Thailand, it is a silent disease that threatens the lives of people with many people unaware.

Rs.n.p. Thira lyrics Rush pin. Association of Thailand and liver disease.

Director of the Institute of gastrointestinal and liver diseases. Talks about the situation of the disease, that disease is the presence of inflammation of the liver cells. Often caused by viruses, and ABC's.

Factors that cause disease. Chronic hepatitis C is more than 6 months, which may be caused by the hepatitis C virus infection. Or stimulated by factors such as alcohol and drugs or accumulate fat in the liver. The liver cells are destroyed. The membrane up. The cause of cirrhosis. The risk of liver cancer, liver failure.
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World Health Organization data indicate that the population is 1 in 12 people with the hepatitis C virus. In the current global population of 6,000 million, 300-400 million people are infected with chronic hepatitis. And, of 25-40%, or about 160 million people infected with hepatitis C virus since birth. This will result in death from cirrhosis. And liver cancer.

For Asia - Pacific. The number of infected people because the population reached 250 million in China and India. The highest number of cases to 120 million people are susceptible to hepatitis B and C. The impact on the region's most

Thailand has a population of 67 million people, 4.5 million people are chronic hepatitis. It is caused by hepatitis B virus, approximately 3.5 million and C is about 1 million people.

Patients who have jaundice, yellow eyes, dropsy and ascites have a lot of depression and mental symptoms. Often soporific. And the veins in the stomach aneurysm. If the blood vessels. The bleeding in the stomach. Finally, it is liver cancer.

For patients, the Thai people. At present, there were over 6 thousand people a year die from liver cancer. This is the number one cause of death from cancer in men in Thailand. Women were rated 2-3.
Patients with poor water quality in the vomiting of blood in the stomach and abdomen. Nurses who come forward often. The burden of the family. And costs.

This loss shows that the quality of life of hepatitis as well as other serious diseases.

The association seeks to encourage the public conscious and more focused on hepatitis. Particularly in Asia - Pacific The number of patients. But also lack of awareness and understanding of the disease, and patients.

Most of the infected will have symptoms. There is no treatment. The disease progresses to cirrhosis and liver cancer until in the end. It is also becoming a source of infection in the community without knowing it, too.

"Over 70% of those infected have no symptoms of the disease. However, there may be dizziness, fatigue, appetite, concentration, or early afternoon will not be showing signs of sleepiness on a lot. The diagnosis was liver cancer. Most of them irrecoverable. I will survive no more than 4-6 months only ".
Important to protect from this disease. The physical examination continues.

The vaccine in children. This helps prevent up to 90% and avoid other risk factors.

This is a silent ... that is threatening the life without knowing it ...

Hepatitis in the past July 28. Medical Group hepatitis has urged the government and people of Asia and Pacific - were aware of the risk of serious liver disease.

The group was formed called the "alliance to get rid of hepatitis in Asia - Pacific" or CEVHAP (Coalition to Eradicate Viral Hepatitis in Asia Pacific) in October 2553 with a doctor.

Hepatitis virology expert and famous in the world come together. The organization offers a variety of problems and lack of awareness.

Policies intended to tackle the problems to chronic hepatitis.

International Ph.D. Programs in the Life Sciences

Description: The Life Science Zurich Graduate School consists of several highly competitive Ph.D. programs, run jointly by the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. Each program offers research and education opportunities in a stimulating international environment for ambitious students who wish to work towards a Ph.D. degree. Accepted students perform their research project in one of the participating research groups of their favorite program, according to their scientific interest. Advanced teaching and training courses are offered throughout the curriculum. The program language is English throughout. Ph.D. studies usually last 3-4 years.

Education: Applicants must hold or anticipate receiving a Master’s degree or equivalent from a university in a relevant field before starting the Ph.D. program. Applicants accepted for the program will have to register with either the University of Zurich or ETH Zurich, depending on the affiliation of their future research group.

Application: Our web pages provide detailed information for submission of application. Please refer to the guidelines as we only take into consideration applications received in the required format:

Application deadlines are December 1 and July 1


Dr. Susanna Bachmann

Life Science Zurich Graduate School
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zurich, Schweiz

Tel.: ++41 44 635 31 35
Fax: ++41 44 635 68 61

PhD Scholarship of the Graduate School

As part of a project of the Graduate School Inter Neuroscience "will be characterized ion channels involved in the neuronal excitability and neuronal plasticity are involved. A particular focus of the investigation lies in the modulation of neuronal excitability and behavior of the neural growth through the activation of transient receptor potential (TRP)-homologous cation channels. Procedures will apply in addition to the cell culture and molecular biology in particular, electrophysiological and floureszenzoptische techniques. Practical experience in one of the above techniques are desirable but not a prerequisite. Suitable candidates should have a scientific studies have been completed successfully bring (biology, biochemistry, biophysics, physics or equivalent) and engagement in scientific work and a high motivation and teamwork. For more information please refer to the sub-project, Prof. Dr. Michael Schaefer (michael.schaefer @ or to the Speaker of the Graduate School, Prof. Dr. Andreas Reichenbach (reia@medizin.uni- Graduate School Homepage International Neuro: Disabled Applicants will be given preference if equally qualified. Your CV please send to 15/11/2009: Prof. Dr. Michael Schaefer, Rudolf Boehm Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology Härtelstraße 16-18 04107 Leipzig


Prof. Dr. Michael Schaefer (michael.schaefer @

Rudolf Boehm Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Härtelstraße 16-18
04107 Leipzig

PhD positions: The Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory in Tübingen, Germany.

International PhD Program Tübingen, Spring 2010
The Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory in Tübingen, Germany, invite applications for PhD positions in:

Molecular & Cell Biology Biochemistry Developmental
Genetics Structural Biology Quantitative Genetics Plant Development
Evolutionary Biology Bioinformatics
Ecological Genomics Animal Development

Highly qualified applicants from all countries are invited to apply. All applicants must hold or anticipate receiving a Diploma or Masters degree by the time of their start as a PhD student at our institutes. Candidates have to be fluent in written and spoken English. The positions are funded by Max Planck Fellowships.

Application form, evaluation forms (2 needed) and all details about our online registration are available at

Application deadline is November 25, 2009. After the review of completed applications selected candidates will be invited for personal interviews in Tübingen during February 10-12, 2010.
72076 Tübingen
For more information, see the Internet at UKT
We are an approved community service agency.
Information by phone at 07071/29-82027.

Doctoral Programs 18 Fellowships by the “Excellence Initiative by the German Federal and State Governments”

The Graduate School of Life Sciences Invites Applications for its Doctoral Programs
18 Fellowships by the “Excellence Initiative by the German Federal and State Governments”
Würzburg is one of the leading German Universities in the Life Sciences based on funding by the German Research Foundation (DFG Ranking 2009). Internationally renowned research centres such as the Biocenter, the Research Center for Infectious Diseases, and the DFG Research Center for Experimental Biomedicine (Rudolf Virchow Center) contribute to this standing.

The Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) is directly linked to those research centers. It comprises about 240 doctoral students and runs research training groups in the following major sections:

Biomedicine | Infection and Immunity | Integrative Biology | Neuroscience | MD/PhD program (MDs only)

We offer
• an international, English spoken and widely visible research environment,
• a personal fellowship, conference money and funding of research expenses for three years,
• continuous supervision and mentoring by a thesis committee of three principal investigators,
• a strong network of peers,
• advanced scientific and transferable skills training,
• special tutoring for international students.
We expect
• passion for and experience in research,
• an excellent university degree obtained within the last two years, usually a M.Sc. or German Diploma (if graduation is expected by March 2010 you may apply; exceptional candidates holding an Honours B.Sc. may join after a qualification period),
• proven excellent oral and written English skills, willingness to learn basic German,
• eagerness to work in an interdisciplinary and international environment.

If this is a match, please refer to the GSLS homepage for details and online application (Deadline Nov 16, 2009):
Please also visit the GSLS homepage for several other funded PhD positions currently available at the GSLS.