Hepatitis. Silent killer in you.

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Hepatitis. Silent killer in you.

I know that on 28 July was a "disease" world's first in the world.

The World Health Organization passed a resolution at a meeting on May 2533, the day on 28 July.

Every year, World Hepatitis Day. Just as with heart disease. Or smoking. Has continued every year.

To illustrate the importance of "liver", which is the only organ in the body as well as the "heart" that one, too.

In Thailand, it is a silent disease that threatens the lives of people with many people unaware.

Rs.n.p. Thira lyrics Rush pin. Association of Thailand and liver disease.

Director of the Institute of gastrointestinal and liver diseases. Talks about the situation of the disease, that disease is the presence of inflammation of the liver cells. Often caused by viruses, and ABC's.

Factors that cause disease. Chronic hepatitis C is more than 6 months, which may be caused by the hepatitis C virus infection. Or stimulated by factors such as alcohol and drugs or accumulate fat in the liver. The liver cells are destroyed. The membrane up. The cause of cirrhosis. The risk of liver cancer, liver failure.
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World Health Organization data indicate that the population is 1 in 12 people with the hepatitis C virus. In the current global population of 6,000 million, 300-400 million people are infected with chronic hepatitis. And, of 25-40%, or about 160 million people infected with hepatitis C virus since birth. This will result in death from cirrhosis. And liver cancer.

For Asia - Pacific. The number of infected people because the population reached 250 million in China and India. The highest number of cases to 120 million people are susceptible to hepatitis B and C. The impact on the region's most

Thailand has a population of 67 million people, 4.5 million people are chronic hepatitis. It is caused by hepatitis B virus, approximately 3.5 million and C is about 1 million people.

Patients who have jaundice, yellow eyes, dropsy and ascites have a lot of depression and mental symptoms. Often soporific. And the veins in the stomach aneurysm. If the blood vessels. The bleeding in the stomach. Finally, it is liver cancer.

For patients, the Thai people. At present, there were over 6 thousand people a year die from liver cancer. This is the number one cause of death from cancer in men in Thailand. Women were rated 2-3.
Patients with poor water quality in the vomiting of blood in the stomach and abdomen. Nurses who come forward often. The burden of the family. And costs.

This loss shows that the quality of life of hepatitis as well as other serious diseases.

The association seeks to encourage the public conscious and more focused on hepatitis. Particularly in Asia - Pacific The number of patients. But also lack of awareness and understanding of the disease, and patients.

Most of the infected will have symptoms. There is no treatment. The disease progresses to cirrhosis and liver cancer until in the end. It is also becoming a source of infection in the community without knowing it, too.

"Over 70% of those infected have no symptoms of the disease. However, there may be dizziness, fatigue, appetite, concentration, or early afternoon will not be showing signs of sleepiness on a lot. The diagnosis was liver cancer. Most of them irrecoverable. I will survive no more than 4-6 months only ".
Important to protect from this disease. The physical examination continues.

The vaccine in children. This helps prevent up to 90% and avoid other risk factors.

This is a silent ... that is threatening the life without knowing it ...

Hepatitis in the past July 28. Medical Group hepatitis has urged the government and people of Asia and Pacific - were aware of the risk of serious liver disease.

The group was formed called the "alliance to get rid of hepatitis in Asia - Pacific" or CEVHAP (Coalition to Eradicate Viral Hepatitis in Asia Pacific) in October 2553 with a doctor.

Hepatitis virology expert and famous in the world come together. The organization offers a variety of problems and lack of awareness.

Policies intended to tackle the problems to chronic hepatitis.