Post-Doc in the Division of Cellular Allergology at Research Center Borstel Leibniz Center for Medicine and Biosciences

Research Center Borstel Leibniz Center for Medicine and Biosciences

In the Division of Cellular Allergology a position for a

Post-Doc (w/m)

will be available. The position will be financed for approx. years by the BMBF (Ministry
of Education and Research) within the framework of the program "Alternative methods for animal experiments".

The Division of Cellular Allergology focuses on the identification and molecular characterization of immunmodulatory molecules from parasitic worms and the investigation of their potential use for the therapy and prophylaxis of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

The project„In vitro culture of Schistosoma mansoni – culture dish instead of mammalian host” aims at establishing the complete mammalian part of the life cycle of schistosomes in
vitro. The current culture protocol in this lab allows propagating schistosomula in vitro
up to the adult stage including pairing and deposition of immature eggs. Now, it is
intended to further optimize the culture conditions to obtain fully mature eggs and
release of infective miracidia. In parallel, the technique of cryopreservation of live schistosomes will be optimized along with establishment of a schistosome bank. This will
allow the need-based access to infectious stages of the parasite and render continuous
maintenance of the parasite life cycle in laboratory animals unnecessary. In vitro culture
provides a highly effective tool for parasitological and immunological studies that for
example allows potential anti-schistosomal drugs to be tested by high-throughput procedures.

The project will both save animal lives and improve the cost efficiency ratio for
schistosome research.

Applicants should have a strong background in parasitology, immunology and/or biochemistry.

Experiences and technical skill in the maintenance of parasites and in vitro
culture systems are prerequisites. Candidates should be team workers with a high
degree of commitment and creativity. They should have a good command of English
and should be able to present scientific data in a transparent and competent manner.
Computer knowledge will be an advantage.

The Research Center Borstel supports the employment of disabled person. Person with
disabilities will, with appropriate qualifications and aptitudes, be employed preferentially.
The Research Center Borstel is an equal opportunity employer and women are encouraged
to apply.

Candidates should submit a CV and two reference letters to: Personnel Office of the
Research Center Borstel (Hilde Pump),

Keyword: PD Dr. Haas, Parkallee 2, 23845 Borstel,
E-mail: personalwesen@fz-borstel.de