The Rudolf Virchow Center / DFGForschungszentrum, University Wurzburg looking for Doktoran.

That is one of the first of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft funded research centers.
Rudolf Virchow Center / DFGForschungszentrum for Experimental Biomedicine, University
Wurzburg The Rudolf-Virchow-Center serves the exploration of key proteins that a central importance for understanding the origins, diagnosis and Treatment of disease. For a biochemical / structural biological community project we are looking for Doktoran.

The aim of the project is the analysis of protein-protein interactions and the structural characterization of the cytoskeleton-regulatory phosphatase Chronophin (Gohla et al., Nature Cell Biology, 2005) in the complex with new identified regulatory subunits.

The involvement in the Excellence Initiative of the DFG-funded graduate School of Life Sciences PhD students is the opportunity in specific courses both practical and theoretical knowledge of the laboratory work, to obtain. The body is temporary. Salary is according to TV-L. Severely Candidates will all things being essentially equal suitability preferred set.

Applications including the usual documents (certificates, curriculum vitae, a statement of two references and brief description of the biochemical knowledge) to send Please contact:

Prof. Dr.Antje Gohla (antje.gohla@virchow.uni-wuerzburg.de) or
Prof. Dr. Hermann Schindelin (hermann.schindelin@virchow.uni-wuerzburg.de)

Rudolf Virchow Center for Experimental Biomedicine at the University of Würzburg,
Versbacher Str 9, 97078