Doctoral studies beginning in October 2009 - The First Indo-German International Graduate School on „Molecular and Cellular Glyco-Sciences

First Indo-German International Graduate School

The First Indo-German International Graduate School on „Molecular and
Cellular Glyco-Sciences - MCGS“ has launched its first call for applications
for doctoral studies beginning in October 2009. Highly motivated students of
all nationalities with a strong background in natural or life sciences can apply
for a fellowship to pursue a demanding research project of their own design,
aiming at elucidating structure/function relationships of glyco- or glycointeracting
structures and their role in e.g. cell-cell communication, human or
plant disease progress or protection, etc. in selected top quality research
groups at Universities and Research Centres in Münster, Germany, and
Hyderabad, India.

MCGS is for you
· if you are interested in a research based career in the life sciences with
the clear goal of understanding basic principles to develop novel and
reliable applications e.g. in prevention or treatment of human diseases or
in crop plant protection;

· if you want to study in a scientifically stimulating environment together
with an international and interdisciplinary group of fellow doctoral

· if you want to be not only prepared for the intercultural challenges of the
21st century but to actively participate in shaping the transitions from
emerging to industrialised countries, from agricultural and industrial into
technology- and knowledge-based societies; and

· if you have a strong record of successful studies and scientific research
with clearly above average grades as well as proven social and
interpersonal interests and skills.

Please visit www.uni-muenster.de/MCGS for further information
call open until April 15, 2009