Academic staff and Postdoc in Physiological Chemistry at Wurzburg

Am Lehrstuhl Physiologische Chemie I, Biozentrum, University of Würzburg is now the site of a / an academic staff member / s (postdoc) in the area? Molecular mechanisms of tumor development in the medaka and Xiphophorus model? or? Molecular genetics and evolution of sex determination in medaka? with the possibility of Habilitation temporarily vacant. For this body is a teaching for which seminars and internships in general biochemistry in German are to hold. The Biozentrum (http://www.biozentrum2.uni-wuerzburg.de/) in Würzburg is a cross-disciplinary academic research institution in the departments of molecular and organismic biology, microbiology, biotechnology, human genetics and neuroscience and biochemistry together. The University of Würzburg aims to increase the proportion of women in teaching and research, and therefore calls for qualified scientists to continue to apply. Severely disabled applicants or applicants are otherwise equally qualified essentially preferred set. Please send your application with CV, information on your areas of research, a list of publications and two reference letters until 31.10.2009 to:


Prof. Dr. Manfred Schartl (phch1@biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de)

Physiological Chemistry I, University of Würzburg
Biozentrum Am Hubland
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